Course Structure

Course structure

This course is offered as a dual diploma only with no separate exit points. Students must complete all units of study.

Units of study

Managing athlete performance (Block 1)

Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs (SISSSCO513)
Develop strength and conditioning programs (SISSSTC402A)
Provide drugs in sport information (SISSSCO306)
Provide nutrition information to athletes (SISSSCO307)
Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness (SISSSCO512)
Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology (SISSSCO308)
Develop and use emotional intelligence (BSBLDR501)


Managing the business (Block 2)

Manage operational plan (BSBMGT517)
Manage Meetings (BSBADM502B)
Use advanced features of computer applications (ICAICT308A)
Ensure a safe workplace (BSBWHS501)
Manage budgets and financial plans (BSBFIM501)
Promote compliance with laws and legal principles (SISXIND404A)
Manage organisational risks (SISXRSK502A)


Coaching the team (Block 3)

Manage Projects (SISXIND406A)
Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices (SISSSCO101)
Plan and deliver coaching programs (SISSSCO303)
Customise coaching for athletes with specific needs (SISSSCO304)
Manage volunteers (SITXHRM502)
Lead and manage team effectiveness (BSBWOR502)
Communicate with influence (BSBLDR503)
Implement and monitor work health and safety policies (SISXWHS402)


Becoming a leader (Block 4)

Facilitate groups (SISXCAI306A)
Determine needs of client populations (SISXCCS403A)
Lead and manage effective workplace relationships (BSBLDR502)
Manage personal work priorities and professional development (BSBWOR501)
Manage people performance (BSBMGT502)
Implement diversity in the workplace (BSBLDR504)
Apply advanced first aid (HLTFA412A)