Ambassadors – Lydia Lassila

Lydia Lassila has represented Australia in four Winter Olympic Games. She currently holds three world records, the latest being the first woman in history ever to perform the quad-twisting somersault. Lydia has always set the bar high and has been out of her comfort zone and pushing the boundaries since her Olympic dream spawned at the age of six. She feels fear on a daily basis, but pushes forward regardless; all in an effort to be the best.

Throughout her career Lydia has encountered many setbacks, mostly due to injury, but battled her way to the top to ultimately achieve her goals. Lydia is now determined to reach her 5th Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang, Korea, in February 2018.

As the athletic development program ambassador, students will learn from Lydia the importance of having a clear vision and she will demonstrate how this vision is brought into reality. She has an incredible understanding of achieving goals through diversity and has mastered the art of juggling life as an elite athlete, mum and an entrepreneur. Students will come away with clear strategies on how to maximise their potential. They will feel empowered to take charge of their lives, identify their vision and create a plan to live their dreams.



Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs (SISSSCO513)
Develop strength and conditioning programs (SISSSTC402A)
Provide drugs in sport information (SISSSCO306)
Provide nutrition information to athletes (SISSSCO307)
Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness (SISSSCO512)
Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology (SISSSCO308)
Develop and use emotional intelligence (BSBLDR501)